4th CoRe Workshop

The Northern Sea Route meets the Baikal-Amur-Mainline,

Or How to Study Transportation Infrastructures in the Russian North

September 24, 2018
Room C0424 “Sitzungszimmer”
Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna, New Institute Building, Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Vienna, 4th floor

12:00 Peter Schweitzer: Welcome and Announcements
Introduction to the CoRe Project
12:15 Nikolay Vakhtin: Introduction to the NSR Project 
12:30 Valeria Vasil'eva: NSR and other Maritime Infrastructures [in Russian]
12:50 Olga Povoroznyuk: BAM-2: Effects and Affects
13:10 Asya Karaseva: Rescue and Search on the NSR [in Russian]

13:30 Lunch

14:30 Gertrude Saxinger, Natalia Krasnoshtanova and Gertraud Illmeier. Mobilities and
Transport Infrastructure in a Remote Oil Region - Verkhnemarkovo
14:50 Ksenia Gawrilova: NSR and the Extractive Industry (The Case of Sabetta) [in Russian]
15:10 Gertraud Illmeier. Adaptation Strategies to Industrial Change
15:30 Elena Lyarskaya: Reference Points of the NSR? [in Russian]

15:50 Coffee Break

16:05 Sigrid Schiesser: The Making of the Tommot Train Station
16:25 Alla Bolotova: Ice as Infrastructure [in Russian]
16:45 Peter Schweitzer: The Affordances of Infrastructure
17:05 Nikolay Vakhtin: On Agency from a Linguist’s Perspective
17:25 Valeria Vasil’eva & Ksenia Gawrilova: NSR: Data Analysis and New Topics [In Russian]

17:45 Coffee Break

18:00 Open Discussion about Results, New Questions and Potential Follow-up    Projects
19:30  End of Seminar
19:30 Joint Dinner (Restaurant Zum Leupold, Schottengasse 7, 1010 Wien)

Guest Participants/Discussants: Stephan Dudeck (University of Lapland) and Tobias Holzlehner (Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg)