MA Course on (Rail)Roads


In summer semester 2018, Peter Schweitzer and Olga Povoroznyuk taught a CoRe-related MA course “Social Life of Roads and Railroads” at the Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology

One of the students’ assignments was to conduct an empirically based research featuring a road, a railroad and/or a related public space in Austria or in other part of the world (usually in one’s home country) and to write a popular story based on it. Below we share selected (rail)road stories by our students.

Daphne Demetriou - The Social Life of a Border Road: Ledras Street - The Microcosmos of a Conflict 

Yun Lee - Traveling by Roads in Iceland

Hannah Myott - “It wasn’t just a normal train” - the journey that inspired a volunteer

Mirta Surlina - Two blog entries based on empirical research at Bahnhof City West / Westbahnhof in Vienna on 27 March 2018

Madli Oras - Vienna - Brno - Vienna. The many ways of travelling between two cities