Olga Povoroznyuk and Peter Schweitzer at symposium "Ethnography of Megaprojects"


Olga Povoroznyuk presented her paper "Infrastructuring mobility, negotiating indigeneity along the Baykal-Amur Mainline", and Peter Schweitzer moderated discussions at the symposium "Ethnographies of megaprojects: social and political worlds of large-scale infrastructures" hosted by the University of Stockholm 12 - 13 September 2019.

Participants of the symposium discussed various aspects of social impact of large infrastructural projects. Based on a broad spectrum of case studies from all over the world the scholars of infrastructure focused on temporalities of megaprojects, the roles of experts in their design and implementation, issues of public interest related to infrastructural development and methodologies of studying infrastructure. CoRe-team members had an opportunity to present the project to other scholars and to learn about other similar research projects. Olga Povoroznyuk's paper highlighted the impact of modern infrastructure on the indigenous peoples in the BAM region and the ways in which indigenous peoples incorporate railway in their own patterns of mobility and connectivity.

You can read the whole program of the symposium here