Tokma brochure is published


Comprehensive booklet on the village of Tokma has been published and presented to the public


Natalya Krasnoshtanova, CoRe partner at the Sochava Institute for Geography/Russian Academy of Sciences, presented the booklet - authored by her, Gertraud Illmeier and Gertrude Saxinger - to the village of Tokma in July 2021. Tokma, field site of the CoRe project, is in the north of Irkutsk Oblast’, a region heavily impacted by oil extraction and industrial logging introducing new infrastructures. The booklet covers history and the dynamic demography of the village (today a population of around 50 people remains) and essays on topics of local importance like mobility and transport (Tokma is accessible by air only or on winter road), hunting (relevant to indigenous Evenki and non-indigenous people), resource extraction (oil and timber), environment (e.g. forest fires) and others, based on ethnographic research. Tokma residents showed great interest in the booklet since there are no other publications on past and present life in this Siberian village. Copies of the booklet were provided to each family and interested individuals.

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